New Year’s Day Traditions

I feel so clean! A whole new year, free of mistakes and full of adventures, little and big.

There are a few things I like to do on the first day of the new year, which of course has been appropriately rung in with spirits, noise, and lights. I always try to have worn a new dress on NYE, but sometimes I just wear a new piece of jewelry or scarf. This signifies “abundance” to me, a hope that the year will be one of plenty.

And I gotta be clean. Shampooed, conditioned, shaved, lathered, and lotioned. Ready to greet the new year.

January 1st. I don’t like to rush. I feel a little giddy. I take stock of myself. I look over my resolutions, of course.

I write a little bit.

I start my thank you cards, to remind me to be grateful.

Small beginnings for each resolution: some stretches for flexibility, a smaller portion of leftovers from the party, a little prayer when inspired, an extra hug for brother, and a hundred emails deleted. Get the ball rolling for the next day and the next.

Then I relax. I use a little of the “expensive” coffee and sip slow. I start playing a game.

This year it’s Civilization 5.

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