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Theme for 2013: Focus

As a young professional new to the workforce, I finally had to face the truth: I tend to overload myself and then underperform.

I really enjoy my job. I have a deep desire to really do my best. I’ve managed well so far, but tomorrow I hear some formal feedback as part of a six-month review. This has put me in that “what can I do better?” frame of mind.

learning addictions

My “failed” (in other words, never attended) Coursera Courses.

There will always be a part of me that wants to try everything. I have tried to learn piano, clarinet, guitar, flute, saxophone, and violin, with mixed results. I’ve always wanted to be able to write, draw, sew, cook, and design with equal skill – improbable. Just six months ago, I walked out of college with this transcript: two majors, science and arts; two minors, health promotion and bioethics; and three cognates in anthropology, natural science, and business.

It didn’t end there, of course.

I signed up and paid for a blogging club, a video tutorial site, concealed weapons training, and  a course on e-trading since then. I take on side projects like it’s my job, and I have a job.

I… need to… slow… down. Being busy doesn’t mean being productive. It is better to focus on mastering one thing at a time.

I admire my dad very much because he is always learning new things. It’s a never-ending dedication to improve. I’m like him, but a little too hungry all at once. I blame the gene pool. My mom went ahead and added a little too much artsy-fartsy to my blood, so I have twice as many interests and a quarter of his focus.

But I’m just as stubborn.

So 2013, here me firmly state while wearing my pajamas, that my New Year’s Resolution will dictate that I can’t focus on more than one instrument, technical skill, creative skill, class, or related project at once.

Pajama proclamations are pretty much as powerful as the Ring. This will be as easy as saving the Shire.